Notation pursuant to the Act
on Specified Commercial Transactions

1. Notation on operator and distributor

・Operating company: Cosmo Media Service Co.,LTD.

・Distributing shop: Smile Stix for iPhone

・Operating director: Shinichi Sawada

・Address: 7-1609-8 Taiseicho Koshigaya Saitama 343-0825 JAPAN


2. Distribution rules

1) Your amount of sum total payment is calculated by adding shipping cost to goods price.

2)Payment methods:

○PayPal Payments System

3)Delivery schedule: For those orders placed before 1:00 p.m.(Japan) on the day, a parcel will be delivered on the same day at the earliest (shop holidays excluded).

Your sticker will be delivered within 7~14 days after order day.

A delivery schedule may change depending on a transport condition.


・While careful attention is paid to a product shipment schedule, the Company shall not be liable to events that occur as a result of delayed delivery or other secondary causes.

・ In case of equipment failure or order beyond production capacity, a shipment on the day may not be possible.

・Even if it is sent to the specified address, we bear no responsibility if merchandise does not arrive due to the following reasons:

a) the content violates the laws of the destination country and is destroyed by customs;

b) the content uses images that violate copyright and is destroyed by customs;

c) any other reason for which blame cannot be attributed to our company.

・Users of the app shall follow the rules and laws of their own country and of the destination countries. Should they violate the law of any of these countries during use of this service, the company bears no responsibility for punishments incurred.

・The company bears no responsibility for any losses incurred by the user of the app from the destruction of merchandise from this service due to violations mentioned in the preceding clause, or for any losses incurred by the user of the app or by a third party due to inability to use this service.

・The company is not aware of the copyright status of data used by users of the app on this service, and it is the responsibility of the user to comply with Japan's Copyright Act. The company bears no responsibility for losses incurred by a user or by a third party due to violation of a third party's copyright.

5)Returning or replacement of product

・Once the order is placed, a product cannot be returned, replaced or cancelled as the Company adopts 100% built-to-order production. However, if the product is defective or the delivered product was not the product ordered, such product shall be replaced.

・In case of replacement, please ensure to inform the following information through "Inquiry" on the Application within seven (7) days after a product is received: a. Name, b. E-mail address, c. Manufacturing Number and d. Reason for replacement.

6)Protection of personal information

Cosmo Media Service Co.,LTD. operating company of the Application (Smile Stix), exerts maximum efforts in being compliant with the Personal Information Protection Law and other norms and in protecting customers' privacy. Personal information owned by the Company is handled as follows.

Protection of personal information

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